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I was talking with a friend of mine a few days ago. They were telling me that they have built a couple of houses, and they would never do it again. The contractor kept charging more and more every time that they wanted to change something.

I asked, “What kind of drawings did you start with?”

Response was, “Basic spec house drawings that the contractor used.”

Well that was the problem. Contractors that build spec homes start with a basic house plan. They count on the o
wner changing and adding features. That is where they make most of their money on a build. A quarter of million-dollar house can end up costing a half a million when all is said and done.  If you were to have them itemize the cost in the first place, you would find that the changes cost you twice the value than what they should.  

I worked for a developer for a couple years.  During that time I found out that their profit on a two homes pay for the third home that they are building.  So in the same respect the changes that you make over and above the spec base price gives them the ability to build another house.

I like to design a business/home specifically for the owner. Find out what their needs are and work around that. Between the owner and I we would pick out everything and put those choices on the drawings. Down to the doorknobs, plumbing fixtures, and even the lighting fixtures. Then there would be no leeway for the contractors fudge his price.

Granted my drawings might be a little more expensive, but the difference of a quarter of a million-dollar price tag for your business/house would be worth the cost.

Then when the contractor gives you a cost on the project you get what you wanted.

I provide the Obvious Greater Value, (OGV) to each and every client.  

Not just the best value, the OGV.