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The Need -  The Design - The Building

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Commercial business and Residential buildings find that their building or home begins to get smaller and smaller as the business or family grows.  They have to make a decision, do they renovate an existing building or built a new building.  If the plan is to renovate an existing building, we can document in digital form that building by using our drafting service that is provided.  Then our team will help those owners decide their next move.  

If the decision is to built a new commercial building we can help you determine the needs for your commercial business and develop a new plan and layout for the new commercial building.


After the Commercial and Residential needs are determined, then the design begins.  You and I sit down and the commercial or residential ideas are put into a preliminary plan addressing the commercial or residential buildings needs of the client.  Each commercial building and residence is different, so should be the design.


Now the commercial and residential building drawings start taking shape.  The plan is developed, construction drawings are completed, and bids are taken.  The commercial and residential building begins to come alive.  It grows from the dust of the site and stands there majestically.  Claiming the site for the owner.  

It says here we are.  This is my business or home.